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English 3: 4(A-B)
Instructor: Moore, John   
Welcome parents and students!áTo find copies of all class notes, lesson plans,áand assignments, look under "Files" and find the unit or concept that we are currently completing. áMost of the units have dates to make it easier to find information.

My grading policy is as follows:áhomework/classwork - 25%;áquizzes/writing - 25%;átests/projects/papers - 50%. áStudents will have 2 days for homework unless otherwise stated. áLate work is accepted for 10 points off per day with the lowest grade a 50%. áNo late work will be accepted after grades are issued.

Any questions? áFeel free to email me at, which is the best and fastest way to contact me. áStudents can message me from this page as well.á I can also be reached by phone (803-442-6100, ext. 119).
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